How you doin!



Hello. I know what your thinking. What the hell  am I doing here! before you go I want to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m a British girl with dark brown hair and eyes I am probably the most craziest person you’ve ever met and you come here for a reason. you want to know about me. I love watching kid shows like Horrible History’s and play outside. Pictures are probably the most valuable things to me after my family, Sometimes I wish I could go back in them, Time would be frozen and everything would be perfect. getting back on track I don’t care  about make up as much as other girls do but I do have low self-esteem and I feel now matter how hard I try I am just never going to be as beautiful as the OTHER girls. You know the ones the ones that are  perfect, flawless, indescribable and then I’m just there like ok,ok,ok,  and yeah I LOVE playing guitar I feel like I don’t have to sing but like say if I’m sad all the chords will be minors but if I’m happy all of them will be majors if I’m ok I will have a mix of both

Thx for reading

Unknown Girl

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