Guest Post #1!

Hey guys,

So I am so excited to say that this is the first guest post I have ever done and to start it all of I have one of the people that inspire me Stuti!! Check out her blog I will leave a link below and without further ado lets go!

His wait. Her arrival. 
He knew he could do nothing
But in his heart there was a voice telling him something
A voice which gave him strength to fight till the end
To fight for his love
To fight for his life
To fight for all the memories
He missed her day and night
His love for her never changed
He had their picture framed
He knew she would return
His feelings got more firm
His hope never faded
His feelings never got shaded
Finally, she arrived
Seeing her he cried
Soon their life was filled with laughter
They lived happily ever after! 
 P.s If you haven’t already send in your guest post to be featured on my blog!

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