Hey guys,

So today My biggest brother is going on his first fricking date! It so cheesy! They are going to the cinema! He asked me to give him some tips on what to wear and this is like so weird normally he is chasing me out of the room!

Anxiety Update:

I have had really bad panic attacks recently I had one in the salon and one at school but everyone is really understanding about the entire thing though

I am really sorry that this post is so short promise a long one tomorrow


Logging Out…..


7 thoughts on “Dating…

  1. Ariana says:

    Usually what works for me is pulling out my iPhone and creating things with Polyvore, and I’me going to give you a warning it is addictive. But it is very distracting from your worries. Of course your panic attacks could be different from mine.

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  2. thoughtfultash says:

    Aw good luck to your brother on his date haha!

    I’m so sorry about your panic attacks, I hate when I have one or feel so panicky. I have an app called Mindshift which has these voice recordings that are meant to calm you down when you have panic attacks, so if you haven’t got it already, I highly recommend it! At least people understand, people at my school don’t understand anything to do with mental illnesses and they don’t understand anxiety at all. I hope you feel better now! xx

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