From Dream to Disaster!

Hey guys,

I had a problem with a girl in my school but thanks to you guys she is no longer a problem! Anyway, about 2 months ago I made a post New groups and teachers I talked about how I had a new group and how stupid Teachers were but more importantly New groups and I called it “The fearsome foursome” yeah about that were down to two! My friend (so i’m angry at her and she is one i’m gonna call her a Ho Ho Ho) Who I thought had my back no matter what has decide to be a…. !BAD LANGUAGE AHEAD! bitch and is just being so UGH! there is no word! The other one has always hanged out with other people  but we sort of faded away…

I hate talking about this because I feel like someone’s saying “OMG, all u want is Attention!”  Any Advice? You know where to put it!


Unknown Girl



2 thoughts on “From Dream to Disaster!

  1. pixiecake says:

    Hey! I know how it feels. when people who you thought were always there for you just aren’t any more, and it sucks, right? I’m not great at this kinda stuff, but I’ve been through a lot so I have a bit of advice. Even if you’re not, try and seem like you’re okay. Make it seem as if it doesn’t really bother you, even if it does. This will help make it like normal, so even if you’re not best friends it’s not really awkward and you don’t hate each other. Don’t blank them, just be there for them, but only as a friends. Maybe you can build up from there? I hope this helps xxx

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  2. Katherine Life says:

    I know how it feels like. I have an advice: you should have your true friend who will always stick by your side no matter what and not just some fake friend that wants attention! I so felt that, my first friend is my true friend and when I just made friends with other people, they just want to be famous! Ugh! So hate that!

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