Trying on New Themes!

Hey Guys,

So if you are crazy obsessed with this site then in the coming future Stuff are gonna change! I at the moment use the Sela theme and I love it! it’s really bright and adaptable for all devices but I don’t wanna just stick with one I wanna use and see how good they ALL look! So if you have a suggestion leave them in the comments and without futher ado! Let the theme searcher start!



3 thoughts on “Trying on New Themes!

  1. Ariana Milan Winter says:

    Sela is beautiful I agree and works very nicely with your blog. It was definitely a good choice, although other people take that theme a lot.
    Saga is a really cool one, and not used very often. I’ve only seen in used once, and I think that it would work perfectly with your blog, also having a nice mobile feature. If you do certain customizations to the Suits theme, that could also work for you I actually HIGHLY recommend it. I myself am way too fickle when it comes to themes and always am changing my theme, so I’ve tried pretty much everything.
    Libretto is also very nice and works well with sweet, short posts. Themes you’ll want to stay away from are SUPER popular themes, otherwise people won’t remember your blog as well.
    I hope this advice worked for you!

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