Panic Attacks & Projects

Hey guys,

So recently I have had so many panic attacks yesterday I had two! I wish there was a cure for anxiety! I was watching a YouTube video 2/3 hours ago to cheer me up it was called 10 Things girls do to get attention and I love watching these vids! I am a chilled back person (If anxiety is being good to me) and these sort of videos make me laugh. Anyway, I watched several of these until one made me angry, upset and confused… Being anxious. In the video they said that girls fake being anxious so they’ll get attention! If I could swap my life for a normal one I’d not even think about it. Does someone, anyone reading this blog think that I’d make a fake blog just for banter? I know I’m being a stress pot but whenever I see something like this on the internet it just gets me fired up!!


On a better note Sincerely Reine has a very special “thing” coming out tonight and I cannot wait! It’s been a months worth of answering questions and deleting and answering questions but I am so glad she came up with this idea! I hope it all has gone to plan and all we can do is, well, wait!

Unknown Girl

Logging Out….



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