Feeling sorry!

Hey guys,

Once again were talking about my old friend. Too cut the story short everyone became MY friend because they saw I didn’t care and now she has no friends. She walks alone like I used to but I don’t realise if she understands that people aren’t on her side cause she still GOSSIPS! Oh  and the title. Well, I got a text message at 18:00pm from her saying she’s sorry for me! When I used to be with her I never realised how Rude she could be. Argh!!!!

I feel she is just doing this for attention! This is gonna be the LAST post with her in it Thank you to EVERYONE who gave advice. I would probably still be crying in my bedroom but luckily I don’t have too cause you guys reply to me all the time

If you guys are experiencing this the music I’d advice you to listen to is..

On My Own By Ross Lynch


Love Yourself By Justin Bieber


Unknown Girl

Logging Out…..


One thought on “Feeling sorry!

  1. radicalmermaid says:

    Aw it’s okay xx I think DONT reply to her over text if she wants to be your friend she should come up to you in person. I know it’s really have to forgive someone after they have don’t something bad, but even if your not friends again just try to be somewhat nice to her, like smile to her when you see her, it shows your the bigger person. Stay strong xx

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