The Girl code Tag! 

Hey guys, 

Unless you’ve lived under a rock all of your life then you would have probably heard about something called ” The Girl Code” and it has strict rules like ” Another girl CANT like a girls brother” I mean if I want to like someone I will!

So… I thought about and thought about it (while eating some cake) that I should make a tag about girl codes but… You make your own! So here’s the rules! 


•You must have a reason 

•It can be as silly as you want 

• Have fun 

•Tag your favourite bloggers to do this  tag! 

•Use featured photos! 

Girl Code Rules

Girls should be aloud to play with whoever they want and do what they want with no judgement 

Girls should have a place for them to hangout e.p. Coffee shop if something 

Girls shouldn’t have a “Popular” group as they are just groups who have clingy friends.

Girls should have the back of someone who has ever been nice to you. 
So do you like it? If you do! Give this a big like and give a comment if you’re feeling happy! If you have been tagged please do do it and before I leave you if you like someone else idea feel free to use it but just don’t copy the whole thing! 





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