New groups & teachers 

Hey guys,

So if you have been reading my blog lately you must have found that I have been talking about my old best friend. Guess what! I am so so so so so so so (x100) dumb, oblivious and we’ll have I said dumb? There were always people there for me and now we are (mind the Austin and ally reference) the fearsome foursome and the world is not ready for us. It’s not just that they are my bestestestestestestestestest friends ever but I can talk to them like I have never talked to them before. I can tell them about my worst fears and they’ll basically ALWAYS understand I love them and you guys for all the help and support.


I have found over the years that teachers surprisingly aren’t witches they just hate all sorts of enjoyment so now they are making us do a RUN around the WHOLE playground (keeping in mind that it is 4 acres big) and they have banned phones in school do they love ruining my life I swear they have been since the day I was born😑anyway I have to go catch up with someone special on something soon coming up… Bye

Unknown girl



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