The world vs me…

Hey guys,

ARGH!!! So you guys know about my absolute catastrophe with my (ex) bestest friend. Now for the first time in my life I stood up for myself everyone, including teachers, think I was to harsh on her and apparently I am bullying her. But she hasn’t stopped me… Tomorrow I will tell her all the times she has made me feel worthless and make her as small as dust. I tricked you guys didn’t I you’d have to read to the end to understand. Btw don’t feel sorry fo me yeah everyone I was loyal to have betrayed me but I have the most loyal people to go to whenever wherever 


Unknown girl 

Logging out….


2 thoughts on “The world vs me…

  1. Annabeth says:

    Don’t let people bring you down. It’s good that you’re standing up for yourself, and if you have to be harsh on someone to let them know how you feel, then do exactly that. If everyone thinks you’re bullying her, then explain to them your side. Everyone needs to see different situations from different perspectives, otherwise everything gets one-sided, which wouldn’t be fair.

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