Anxiety and Congratulations

Hey guys,

Firstly I want to say a FAT coongratulations to LyfwithEm for getting a massive 600 Followers I am so proud of her!


You guessed it. The devil itself anxiety I decided I wanted to go more deep into it so here is my story (btw this is my most latest story)

August 24th 2015

We were going to Portugal for 2 weeks on Holiday but thing I was dreading the most was actually getting on the plane. Minutes pasted like Hours and I was bored out of my mind so I went on my computer to go and look at some Youtube videos about what to do on a plane if you get bored because my phone would probably die before landing.By my luck an advert came on screen…. It was a plane advert…crashing then I had a urge of panic. What happens if it happens to us? Loads of questions that I couldn’t answer circled round and round my head. Then suddenly I hear “Unknown Girl, It’s time to leave”


4 hours later


It was boarding time I got my Bags and headed for the Plane Entrance. I had entered and already I had started to feel claustrophobic. I had reached my seat and I felt the urge of a panic attack coming on it wasn’t to late to turn back……

Any way at the End I had a full on Panic attack in the plane but I rushed to the toilet so  I felt more prideful……. ish lol

If any of you have advice on how to contain panic attacks and anxiety I would appreciate you commenting below

Unknown Girl





4 thoughts on “Anxiety and Congratulations

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    Firstly, thank you SO much for mentioning me! You might already know as I mention it a lot on my blog (or not cause we just started talking 🙂 ) that I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. If you look under my anxiety category you’d see. And I just deal with it day by day. At the moment, I don’t have any tips because I NEED them myself. But I do know that we will both overcome these horrid panic attacks soon 🙂 xx


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