Do I like him ?

Hey guys,

I know I have not blogged for a VERY long time but i had lots of school work I had to catch up on I dont know how I could repay you guys back anyway…

Do I like him?

So last year (2015!!) I had the weirdest last day I have every had. So we were lining up for lunch ( Yeah I do that) and there was this boy Mathyboy (that is not his real name but this is a secret blog) And all the boys started pushing and shoving back and forth Mathyboy was pushing the hardest and one of the supervisors told him to stop so he did and I looked up at him and sniggered he did to then all of a sudden the boys and the girls pushed together in sync and unfortunately I am the tallest girl in the class and so is he and we well….. Kissed?

I am not sure it is labeled as a kiss but are lips did touch each others so yeah but obviously I would not have told you if i was not bothered by something…….. If you read about 5 lines up I used the word unfortunately but the thing is  I do not actually think it was……. I enjoyed it? I think even if it only lasted 3 seconds I think I liked it nobody saw us it was so quick even if they thought they saw us by the time they did a double take we would have been so far apart…..

I do not know if I like him and I very much doubt he even in the slightest way likes me but I want to replay that moment over and over and over again…

Unknown girl



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