Merry Xmas!!


Merry Christmas!!,

As you should be aware of there is only 2 days 10 hours 6 minutes and 36 seconds till Christmas (and still counting!!) so I have decided to do the 3 posts of Christmas to come it will start right about…….


(BTW it wont all be today)

My Favourite Christmas films

Tell me who doesn’t like to snuggle up and watch their favourite Christmas movies……….still thinking…… while you ponder I will do a list of my favourite ones.

5)The one that just makes it into the list is The Holiday I watched it once and I just love it.

4)The next one has got to be…Home alone it brings back so many Memories

3)TRE (In Italian it means Three) is….A Christmas carol

2)next is THE GRINCH I love it so much


 I honestly couldn’t choose between Elf and The Grinch so I asked every one in my house they all said they loved elf better so it was a close one but elf just took in lead. I need to see this


Ok guys this is it I just you have a very merry day and I will see you tomorrow bye

Unknown Girl

Logging out…….


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