I’m unknown girl,

I started this blog for my anxiety and so people could help me a year ago

Thank you and you have helped alot

I didn’t quit my blog

I just took a break and I am back my anxiety is bad and It has gotten worse so I need your help again.

Love you all,


Logging out…


Guest Post #1!

Hey guys,

So I am so excited to say that this is the first guest post I have ever done and to start it all of I have one of the people that inspire me Stuti!! Check out her blog I will leave a link below and without further ado lets go!

His wait. Her arrival. 
He knew he could do nothing
But in his heart there was a voice telling him something
A voice which gave him strength to fight till the end
To fight for his love
To fight for his life
To fight for all the memories
He missed her day and night
His love for her never changed
He had their picture framed
He knew she would return
His feelings got more firm
His hope never faded
His feelings never got shaded
Finally, she arrived
Seeing her he cried
Soon their life was filled with laughter
They lived happily ever after! 
 P.s If you haven’t already send in your guest post to be featured on my blog!



Hi! Do you remember me? The girl you made feel worthless? Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that I cried myself to sleep? Or that I was scared to come to school? You know that feeling when you want to talk but cant… Wait, you never had to experience that… Remember that time in primary/elementary when you stood up AGAINST me! Yeah I do to! Probably more than you do.. You know the sad aspect is that we could have been friends if you hadn’t treated me like shit. Now you my childhood nightmare stalk me around the playground . Now you my childhood nightmare want to be friends. Now you my childhood nightmare want to hold my hand.Now you my childhood nightmare want to no longer be my childhood nightmare. Never stalk me around the playground you make me feel anxious. Never ask to be friends cause you just after my popularity. Never try to hold my hands because you never did before. Don’t you dare ask to no longer be my childhood nightmare because you no longer are…

You know who you are

The Sunshine tag!

Hey guys,

I was asked by the brilliant Muse to do this tag! I have really wanted to do it and yeah! make sure to checkout her blog and on with the rules!


  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions to answer

What do you aim to do in the future?

I want to be a author or I know this sounds CRAZY! but a singer! I adore singing so… but that’s just a dream not an ambition! THERE IS NO WAY ON EARTH MY ANXIETY WILL LET

What music do you like?

I love pop music! I literally know every song and every pop artist!

Mention your favorite musical artists and why you like them. (It can literally be anyone)

My favourite ever has to be Rihanna or Zara Larson or Beyoncé or …                                           because who doesn’t?

What genre of books do you like?

I like teen romance and action a mix of everything!

Mention some of your favourite authors and their books which you like most!

Jaqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl (the classics!) my favourite books are Hetty feather and Charlie and the chocolate factory!

Do you belong in any fandom? Please give information on how crazy your fandom is. (Any fandom- music, movies, books, Youtubers, etc.)

My fandom is Youtubers and how crazy? I actually need help!!

Do you participate in any extracurricular activities? If yes, which ones?

Depends if blogging counts if so then yes! :b

Favourite food?


Youtube or Telly? Which channels/ shows do you like?

Gotta be YouTube! My faves our Joey Graceffa, Tyler Oakley and Joe sugg


Imma UK girl but not the poshest!

Mention any three things you love about your country

  • Peeps think were posh but anyone who lives here knows we are so not!
  • When you go to your American friends house they straight away ask if you want tea! It is so funny!
  • A third reason




James Patmore

Stuti Stood


How long have you been blogging for?

What was reason you started blogging?

What do you love about you?

What is your hobbies (excluding blogging)

What is your dream job?

Do you like children?

Dream Husband/Wife?

What song do you hate and why?

Who is your blogging bae?

Who is your blogging bff

If you could steal someones website design who would it be?

Unknown Girl

Logging Out….

3 Day Quote Challenge!

Hey guys, 

So I was nominated to do the quote thingy but I actually love the idea and I am really excited to do it so first of all here is my quote! 

The meaning of life is….                         To give meaning to life 

                                           The World


Hey yall,

I know i never say ^^ but i cant even! I said i had 40 followers like only a friken week ago u guys!!! This is unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANTTTTTTTTTTTT



I have 50 followers y’all,

I don’t what I would do,

If I didn’t meet you,

You have freed me from depression,

You have given Anxiety a lesson,

On how to love,

Someone you don’t know,



New Colours


If you are reading this on my website then you’ll see it is quite, well purple.                                Is it nice should I keep it? tell meeee!